Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do you know the story behind Patricia Green Slippers?

patricia green slippers and photo
Patricia Green is a montreal native who was fed up of all the sleasy non comfortable slippers out there so she created her own slippers collection. Like Patricia Green there were many other women out there who echoed the same feeling. This is what led to her business being a wonderful success!

Patricia Green Slippers has appeared on Oprah Magazine, Us, Redbook and Real Simple.  Find out more about Patricia Green Slippers by visiting my lens. If you are already a fan of Patricia Green please do buy your slippers over there, at my lens, a portion of your money goes toward charity. Patrica Green Slippers come can be found in a variety of footwear styles. She has cute fuzzy slippers for wearing at home, cute ballerina slippers, leather sandals and thong slippers.

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