Saturday, July 10, 2010

Admiring elephants..the real ones and the fuzzy ones too. (like this cute slipper)

bearington baby elephant booties

Moms and dads I know you don't need a large elephant roaming the house. Would this little Cute Bearington Baby (Elephant) Fuzzy Slipper do for your baby? This bootie comes in a 6-12 month size. The elephant as we know it, is famous for being one of the largest creatures in the world, respected for its strength and awesome size but with this fuzzy slipper you can have an elephant around your baby and not worry about a thing! He'll bring protection to your little ones feet and toes by keeping them warm and toasty. Did you know the elephant is also one of the gentlest of creatures in the animal kingdom. Awkward right? Or is it admirable? To know that such a strong creature can be so subtle. How does this animal manage it?

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