Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Slippers Speak For Itself! Steve Madden..

 STEVE MADDEN Wuzzy Womens Slippers House Shoes Faux Fur Rhinestones Fuzzy Yellow

Want to take a break from fuzzy animal slippers? This simple yet Fuzzy STEVE MADDEN Wuzzy Womens Slippers is the way to go. What is your favorite color? Yellow is mine! Yay!! These Fuzzy Wuzzy Steve Madden slippers also come in shades of blue and pink. I think though that the yellow makes it look extra fuzzy whilst the blue gives it that extra cozy look.

One thing I am sure about: your feet will be all cozy and toasty in these slippers! - just look at them, can't you tell? Do you love a little glitter? I do. Check out the rhinestones to the top of these fuzzy Steve Madden slippers. Click the picture to see more colors and view. Love its simplicity.

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