Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pink Bunny Slippers For Dogs ~ so very cute!

PINK BUNNY - SMALL - Doggie Slippers
Okay if I didn't discuss at least one fuzzy slipper quarterly for dogs then I am being unfaithful to the theme of my blog and to my fuzzy friend here too. The fact is, anybody who can make me smile deserves to be in the spotlight and seeing this cute pup wearing these cute bunny slippers has made me smile at least a half dozen of times - you've got to click to see a larger view of this dog in order to understand what I mean. Oh by the way: I am a huge fan of doggy gear and accessories.

PINK BUNNY - SMALL - Doggie Slippers

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  1. It would be a beautiful idea to present these slippers with a doggie treat jar gift package.


***This is how much fuzzy slippers is worth.*** Not much yet..