Monday, January 18, 2010

Lady Bugs Are Everywhere! But these fuzzy slippers are not!

 Aromahome Aroma Home Red Ladybug Fuzzy Friends Slippers-One Size Fits All
Cute Ladybugs are everywhere! At least in my collection of  things. I've got ladybug stickers, (how to make) lady bug cake recipes and more. Lady bugs are so popular how could anyone miss them? Just like real ladybugs, these fuzzy pair of bug slippers have earned their cuteness into my heart and home. Ready to invite them into yours?

Somehow ladybugs have grown on me and I believe they will grow on you too. You only have to cast your eyes on them and I don't mean here but outside of this virtual world. What size do you wear? I wear size 7..(these cute fuzzy slippers come in sizes 9 and under). Grab them now. Or have you got one of these fuzzy ladybug slippers already? How about starting a lady bugs collection or sharing a photo of you wearing your cute lady bug slippers with us?


  1. I'm sure she would hmm...Glad to have company! Yay!!! Someone who loves ladybugs and fuzzy things like I do! You must sure introduce us somethime. Would be nice. She can chat live on my blog..(^.^)


***This is how much fuzzy slippers is worth.*** Not much yet..