Friday, August 13, 2010

Everyday is casual friday!!! At least for the work at home mom and her fuzzy bunny slippers..

Work at Home Mom mug
I am still dreaming of the day when I will become a work at home mom wearing only fuzzy slippers!! Yes life will be sweet! I will be then married with child or more than one and a loving supportive husband who would be proud to call me his wife and mother of his kids :)

It would be something like the two serene pink fluffy bunnies on the cup! Look at them contented and curious at the same time. Always discovering something aren't they? What do you think these cute fuzzy slipper bunnies want to know? Here is how I interpret what these cute fuzzy slipper bunnies are thinking! Maybe they are interested in knowing where mom is going after all the money she makes from working at home!! Or maybe these bunnies are thinking that mom is going to forsake them for a new pair of bunnies or some other fuzzy slippers!! Hmm..

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***This is how much fuzzy slippers is worth.*** Not much yet..