Monday, February 8, 2010

Would You Walk On A Bunny For Therapy? Shh!! it's a fuzzy slipper!

Aromatherapy Herbal Slippers - Warm Whiskers Lavender Heatable Pink Bunny Slippers - Medium

"Yet this is what these pink heatable bunny slippers were created for".

But as cute as these fuzzy plush bunny slippers are, I would surely have an extremely difficult time walking on them even for therapy. Hey Wait a minute! If I were to consider the benefits. Now let me see..

The slipper comes with a microwavable insole that is filled with all natural lavender to give my feet a little tickle and help them relax (through heat therapy). Not to mention this other benefit : My feet are sure to remain happy with this refreshing scent plus there is also a cute organza rubber drawstring to keep your feet covered so your cute fuzzy plush bunny doesn't run away and durable rubber soles makes for a comfortable long time lasting wear.

Now I'm asking the question again. "If walking on a bunny became a sort of therapy for your feet would you do it? Sure you would! I would too!"

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