Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mom! And Grandma!

Fuzzy Lime

This poster can be framed here..

With Valentine day quickly about to pass us by, I thought I would take the opportunity to start promoting moms and grandmoms - no I don't think it is too early. Moms as we know are really special but what we don't know is that almost every mom wears fuzzy slippers, love posters and never get tired of getting a meaningful gift or one of appreciation. And no wonder! 

Most people wait until mother's day to show appreciation but why should you? There are lots of ways to start showing your mother how much she mean to you and how much you really love and appreciate her with more than just a thoughtful gift. Like this Valentine season, you can make her fully aware of her importance in your life by pampering her with something really special. Like aromatherapy or offering to do something you would not normally do..Please! Don't wait till mothers day to show mom you care! Start now! And don't forget grandma!

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