Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Know How To Spoil Yourself? A pair of fuzzy footies can give you a jumpstart!

Fuzzy Footies Dark Purple, Pink, Purple , One Size Fits Most

What does it take to spoil you? And I don't mean what it takes for someone to spoil you but for you to spoil yourself? Do you know? Are you already spoiling yourself? I know I am with these footies.

Footies is a type of fuzzy slippers that can really cause you to spoil yourself. I still remember when I got my first pair. We were inseparable. I wore them everywhere! And they weren't even in one of my favorite colors like this purple and pink. Maybe it is time for you to pamper yourself with one of these Fuzzy Footies Slippers? They are available in a one size fit all and of course in more colors like blue and teal etc.

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