Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unicorns Are Perfect For Valentine! Here's Why: It starts with a Fuzzy Slipper!

White Unicorn Slippers for Women

If you believe in the superstition of the unicorn then you can see why these fuzzy unicorn slippers are a must have. And with Valentine just around the corner this unicorn slipper would make a wonderful gift. Perhaps the giver would be glorified as the mythical creature - the unicorn - is glorified? But one thing is clear - even if the gift giver isn't glorified these White Unicorn Slippers for Women would be! As to the question of whether I believe in superstitions on the whole..well hmm. I'll leave that one unanswered.

The following is a poem I wrote one day to remind me of the legend of the unicorn. It goes something like this:

The unicorn is a wish granted
The promise of a dream come true
Born from the land of myth
The unicorn is pure magic
The legend - they say - is totally true
Wear the unicorn, luck cometh to you

So what do you think of my poem? Was it entertaining? Smile. Here is some Unicorn Jewelry to match your match your fuzzy slippers.


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