Monday, February 1, 2010

Homer Is More Fun On TV! But he is great as a fuzzy plush slipper!

Homer Simpson Plush Slippers for Men

I actually like homer better in TV than watching him on my feet. He's totally more fun on TV. Of course when the days are cold I begin to appreciate him much more than I normally would, and then there are days where the two rank side by side. Homer Simpson Plush Slippers or TV? Both!

I have no doubt that these Fuzzy Slippers will be more than a warm welcome to your feet, whether you are a Simpson Fan or Homer Fan or no fan at all. For some he'll be much more than just a foot warmer. Homer will be a lifetime of TV memories or perhaps he is the beginning to some Fan's collection.

Can I guarantee you will not have any problem with this member of the Simpson family? Well let us hope Homer does not get your feet into trouble and make you do clumsy stuff...After all who is in control? You, your feet or Homer? I can already imagine you bossing Homer around.

Shh!! These Homer Simpson Plush Slippers are for Men but ladies can wear them too. 

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