Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Let Them Become Extinct! Like the real ones these cute polar bear fuzzy slippers can go extinct too.

Polar Bear Animal Slippers for Women

I love polar bears! But it is sad that they are endangered. Surely this is reason for me to love them even more! Polar bears are so very interesting and cute! Of course my Fuzzy Polar Bear Animal Slippers for Women is extra cute and I can always replace this one with a new one if required. Funny but I would still be saddened to do so as my fuzzy polar bear slippers and I would have grown attached.

It's interesting though.. Did you know that baby polar bears learn to freeze and remain still while their mother hunts? If they move then she disciplines them with a whack on the head. I hope that polar moms continue to get their supply of food as presently there seems to be a lack of because of the global warming.

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Make A Donation To Polar Bears Foundation Here

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