Monday, January 25, 2010

We Should Be More Like Ostriches! Their behaviour is admirable just like these cute fuzzy slippers!

Ostrich Animal Slippers for Women and Men XXL

I find ostriches to be one of the most fascinating of creatures..The large adorable google eyes and the long winding neck that sits somewhat funny on its shoulders. The face that forever looks like its about to speak words of adoration. Well enough of my fancies.. Ostriches represent my lifelong dream mate. Reason?
It is said that when an ostrich allow it's love to transcends the borders of its own species for you their love is faithful to you and only you. They lose interest in any other mate, even their own species. What I would give to have a love like that from a human being.
Oh yeah..I'm single but not for much longer. Going to find me an ostrich for comfort! Some cute Fuzzy Ostrich Animal Slippers for Women and Men Well it should do the trick..These slippers are unisexual ~ for men and women. Thinking of getting one? Be sure to get the I love ostriches gift cup! The two belong together!

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