Friday, January 22, 2010

Should A Human Risk Their Life For A Dog? Even if it's a fuzzy slipper?

ADULT - ST. BERNARD - Cozy Slippers

The puppy in this picture is not the dog I am asking about in the question. I am watching one right now in the news at this current moment. It's a mixed breed and he is currently trapped in LA River under a flooded channel. The question remains..should a human risk their life for a dog? Especially an important human as the fire rescuer whose expertise we definitely need to help save more human lives?

OMG. Look at that! The dog is fighting his way in the river and has no idea where to go. He is going deeper into the current..and now he is coming back. Maybe he'll just stay under the bridge. He sure is getting tired and scared too of all the media attention and circling rescue helicopters.

Finally! Success and cheers everyone! A Fire Rescuer is in the water and the doggy is saved. Funny this large breed dog is trying to bite him. Shouldn't he be grateful? much for the emotions and excitement! Thank goodness it is all over now and I along with dozens of others really appreciate that fire fighter guy for risking his life to save this dog.

No one has got any idea who the dog's owner is but he does have a collar so maybe we'll soon find out. At least your fuzzy dog slippers got an owner right? Claim him now :) It is hardly likely your cute dog fuzzy slipper will be found floating in a river and if this is the case please don't risk your life for a fuzzy slipper! Get a new one! Cheers! Perfect for men or women.

CHILD - BICHON FRISE - Cozy Slippers

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