Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frogs Are Special and So Is This Cute Plush Fuzzy Froggy Slipper!

Plush Fuzzy Friends Slippers Frog 10"

When the rainy season comes around it is no surprise to see dozens of frogs popping out of their hiding homes. I have grown so familiar to their presence that I actually look forward to seeing them and I enjoy watching them move in their awkward jerky fashion. What about you? Have you ever been close to a frog? What do you think of them?

For some people frogs are really gross to look at and seem to hold no importance in their lives. But to me frogs are really special. They can help keep my feet warm. Oh no, they won't be a source of food to me like in other countries and although some students find frogs useful to dissect them to learn about anatomy, I surely won't be dissecting this cute Plush Fuzzy Friends Frog Slippers here. I'm sure you wouldn't want to dissect this one either right?

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