Friday, April 2, 2010

Bet you didn't know this about cows! Don't worry I neither! Wonder if this fuzzy cow slipper knew..?

Cow Face Kids & Adult Slipper Size Small
Did you know cows do not bite grass, instead they curl their tongue around it? Hmm..Here's something even more interesting!  A cow can climb up a stairs but cannot climb down. This is because her knees cannot bend accordingly. Weird huh? Thank goodness your knees can bend so you can climb up and down in these Cute Cow Face Fuzzy Slippers. And for those of you who may be confined to a chair or bed, which I hope its temporary (maybe a little broken bone), your fuzzy cow slipper will not be biting your toes but instead curling her tongue around them to keep them all toasty and tickly warm!

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