Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Great Reason To Love Super Mario! And a fuzzy slipper for a keepsake!

Super Mario Brothers : Mario Slippers

The very first and enjoyable video game I have ever played was super mario brothers! But here is why I love the game so much or to be more exact why I loved super mario. I liked his performance! All the mushroom leaves and lotus leaves he ingested made him do super cool things. Imagine if I could just eat mushrooms and fly? Or get heavier and loose weight whenever I wanted too? Hmm...I feel like I am starting my fantasy childhood days all over again. Maybe there is one more super cool thing Super Mario can do? Why not try wearing him and then you could tell me? This Cute Super Mario Brothers : Mario Slippers is one of the cutest I have seen! And its not hard to figure out why!  Super Mario is on the scene!

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***This is how much fuzzy slippers is worth.*** Not much yet..