Friday, January 15, 2010

What Does "Mary Had A Little Lamb Song" Have To Do With These Cute Fuzzy Lamb Slippers?

Plush Fuzzy Friends Slippers Lamb 10"
Well you remember how the song went right? It went something like this..let me see if I could remember..Yes, I think this is how it goes: "Mary had a little lamb and it's fleece was white as snow...and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go" Well..Plush Fuzzy Friends must have created these stunningly Cute Fuzzy Lamb Slippers with your little girl in mind! She'll want to do everything in them and go everywhere with them. It sure is a perfect representation of the song with one flaw. This lamb is cuter! And its cuteness won't wear off that easily because it comes in a color other than white. What a way to pamper feet. Teens love it!


  1. ah! I saw these at an airport in Florida :) I almost bought the poodle ones (my nickname is "Poodle")

    How cute. I think I need to get them.

  2. I love poodles jessalyn, and I did include the poodles in two previous posts. Is this the fuzzy friends poodle slipper you saw? See link

  3. These slippers take me back to New Zealand :). They're soooo cute!

  4. Thank you Mahogany. So glad to see you stopped by and to know we have similar tastes?


***This is how much fuzzy slippers is worth.*** Not much yet..