Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink and cute fuzzy slipper poodle friend for Valentine?

Fuzzy Friends Women's Poodle Slipper,Pink,One Size
I love the cool pink color and look of this Fuzzy Friends Women's Poodle Slipper!. His little raggedy hair, how it falls on his face almost to cover his eye brows adds interest to his cute well defined face. His puffy ears are what make this fuzzy slipper so fuzzily adorable, not to forget his prominent nose that seems to greet you with a warm welcome. Totally cute!
This fuzzy slipper's nose is one of the first things I've noticed about him. And I like his expression..who wouldn't? Doesn't look like a fuzzy slipper at all. Looks more like something to place amongst my fuzzy set of teddy bear collection on the shelf. Yep...reason to love this fuzzy slipper even more.

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