Thursday, November 18, 2010

Easter Slipper and Chicks Stickers sticker
Woo hoo. Finally made time to do a blog post today. Now you know how life goes busy, busy, busy. Thanks to all of you who still visit my blog. I know it's not easter yet so disregard the print that says easter for now.

Today I came across this sticker above and thought since they have slippers for dogs beds maybe they should have a fuzzy slipper bed for chickens too? Since they haven't made any for chickens yet a sticker will have to do. ;)

Don't know if chickens like fuzzy slippers to begin with let alone sleep in but I know they like my bed and neck. I used to sleep with baby chickens and nope they never pooped on my bed. They always chirped when they needed too. Chickens don't poop at night do they?

Oh if you want to have a look at dog beds you can see it by visiting dog slipper beds for dogs

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