Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cutest Duck Set I Have Seen! Bath set includes a pair of fuzzy slippers!

Children's Ducky Bath Gift Set ~ Slippers, Sponge, Wash Mitt
These duckies are so cute that I think I can replace them for Easter chicks. Actually some of the ducks look like chickens. They have quite a lot of similarities like the yellow fur and orange beak. What I like about this Cute Children's Ducky Bath Gift Set  is that it comes with a cute little bag to hold everything - the duck sponge, the fuzzy ducky slippers, the ducky wash mitts..and it makes it even easier to find everything in one place. Kids are sure to love it! And the fuzzy duck slippers are so adorable. Wow.. Ducks are always a great companions for kids at bath time, and at bed time too. Now why not try them for Easter? Or maybe before that?

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